Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Solemnization

Pagi yang pastinya dan ternyata berbeda. I'd be lying if I said there were no jitters. Indescribable, how hopes and fears filled the heart, how one trying to outdo another and the struggle to bring that to balance. Nearly three years and we arrived at this point. Saat sebuah perjanjian bakal termeterai. Saat sebuah amanah bakal beralih bahu. Saat sebuah tanggungjawab baru bakal perlu digalas. Saat sebuah taat bakal berubah. Saat yang haram bakal menjadi halal. Saat kenalan bakal menjadi keluarga. Saat yang mengubah. Saat yang hanya pada Tuhan aku mampu berserah, dalam harap, dalam takut.

Akad nikah was around 11.15 am August 2 2014. Barangkali cuma Tuhan yang mengerti berkocaknya rasa dalam jiwa itu bagaimana. Sitting in the hall, surrounded by dear family and friends, sungguh, tak ada wajah yang berani aku pandang. Tak ada tangan yang berani aku capai pegang. Ada yang bilang, pandanglah dia melafaz nanti. Sungguh, rasa tak termampu. Dan ayah pun mula dengan lafaz ijabnya. Dan dengan sekali lafaz, qabul. 

Entah bagaimana mahu diucap rasanya mendengar nama sendiri setelah 'Aku terima nikahnya...'. Entah bagaimana mahu diucap rasanya, terlafaznya semua itu dengan suaranya dia. Dia yang tak pernah aku sangka dipertemukan a little less than tiga tahun yang lalu. Dia yang tak pernah aku sangka akan bersila disitu, menggengam tangan ayah, mengambil sebuah amanah. Dia yang tak pernah aku sangka, akan aku setuju menjadi untuknya perempuan itu - seorang isteri.

And little did I know, lafaz penyerahan oleh wali itu ada. 

"Adalah saya dari saat ini menyerahkan tanggungjawab nafkah, perlindungan, keselamatan...". Ayah ucap satu persatu dan bicaranya terhenti disitu dan suaranya tak lagi setenang, saat menyambung "...kasih sayang dan tanggungjawab agama Islam kepada kamu sebagai suami yang sah". Sekali lagi, barangkali cuma Tuhan yang mengerti bagaimana rasanya dalam hati saat mendengar ucap ayah.

Kata teman, I was expressionless. Ketawa juga aku dengar. I think I know I was expressionless but the mind just lost the ability to decide an expression throughout the solemnization. Sungguh, di balik wajah yang tak punya ekspresi itu, ada resah yang tak termanifestasi, ada gelisah yang tak terkhabarkan, ada gembira yang tak terlahirkan, ada gementar yang tak terceritakan, ada sebak yang tak terzahir, ada tangis yang tak terlepaskan. 

Alhamdulillah. Shukr lillah. Dan jazakumullah khayr buat semua yang membantu directly or indirectly. Sampai saat ini, sudah 45 hari and counting. And me, I'm still very much learning, well I guess, forever will be. Tak ada yang lebih didamba melainkan redha serta bimbingan Dia, redha serta bimbingan dia, restu dan nasihat kedua ibubapa, doa serta tunjuk ajar dari siapa sahaja. Sungguh, cukup perlu, setiap semua itu.

Dan itu.
Salam pertama.
Dan moga salam-salam seterusnya penuh cinta, sepenuh cinta salam pertama bahkan lebih lagi.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Journey

 "Rabbi, bila aku jatuh hati, aku ingin terbang cepat, hingga syaitan tak sanggup hinggap."
-Salim Fillah-

September 2011
Life is full of surprises. Yang pahit-pahit, yang indah-indah. Adakala kita dikejut dengan hujan saat menyangka mentari kan bersinar terang hingga ke petang. Adakala kita dikejut dengan pelangi indah dalam rintik yang kian terhenti saat menyangka hujan tadi kan jadi lebih lebat hingga banjir yang tak tertanggungkan. Analogi pelangi is so yesterday yet it still holds true. The approximately 10 months break after deciding not to fly to Aussie (and to pursue my degree locally) treasures a number of unexpected moments. And one of them was being introduced to my then-fiance, now-husband. Virtually. Because we were on different continents back then. It was September 3 when I first know his full name.

We were introduced with the serious intention of a proper matchmaking. I didn't see that coming. He wasn't "searching". And we're both basically complete strangers being suggested to marry each other. Somehow, we both agreed to get to know each other. IOW, taaruf :) Basically, I got to know him roughly through his teacher who introduced us. And as for him, I thought the best way for him to know me was through kakak. Yep, kakak, the one who knows me as good as arwah mak. I wanted him to know me more than just the surface, I wanted him to know beyond my bright side. So things pretty much went that way until July 2012 when we kinda need to get in touch with each other directly.

July 2012
The first time we met. I couldn't think of a better setting than my house, where there were dear father, Abang Is, kak Fidah, the kids and atuk. And thus it was the first time dear husband first met me along with my family. Pertama kali bertentang mata? Aha..tak tertentang.

That was then followed by family visits during eid.

My nieces were the most excited about all this. They were like - 
Maksu, tu sape, boyfriend maksu ke?
Maksu, tunang maksu ke?

Definitely neither. Then I get -
Maksu suka kat dia?
Dia suka kat maksu?
Maksu, maksu kawen la dengan dia...
Kakak rasa maksu dengan dia sesuai la...
Siapa setuju maksu kawen dengan abang Faiz, angkat tangan!

The first time we went out together was some time after raya 2013. That was with kakak, Abang Ridzwan and the kids.

August 2013
Level up! We got the green light from family and the not-so-planned risik was on August 15. And me? I was at almost my cincai-est state. Made way home from KL not-so-early in the morning. Went for a short vacay to Melaka together with kakak and family, abang and family, paksu and maksu plus mak uda and kids. Dropped by Aunt Foon's shop in Taiping on the way and finally reached home more or less an hour lebih sikit maybe before husband and family's ETA. Pretty much didn't have or most probably couldn't think of what's best to put on myself with very limited time to get ready....and so that explain the cincai-ness of my appearance. Make-up? What make-up? Catch a few glances dekat cermin sempat lah :P

This was cincai kira, 2 years from when we first knew each other. Unfortunately I couldn't recall when he sort of proposed directly. Teehee~ And 2 years. Well they don't slip by like a wet fish slipping from the hand. So much things could've happened in one day, what more 2 years. He was in UK and I was in Malaysia. I think I can count with 1 hand how many times we met prior to risik. Calls? There weren't any calls for no dire need detected. Haha. Kakak je used to call him. Anyways, I'd rather not go on details but 2 years were enough for uncertainties and fears to scare, for doubts to haunt, for misunderstandings to chip in, for other options to be considered. I prayed for signs and I believe they were given. At times I don't feel quite sure with everything, my favourite quote for self-reminder was

"You constantly look for a sign and when it's given to you and you don't like the answer, you call it a coincidence. There are no coincidences." -Iain S. Thomas-

Indeed, there are no coincidences. Kalau sehelai daun yang jatuh ke bumi pun tidak lain tidak bukan kerana takdir Tuhan atasnya, apatah lagi bigger things in life. Things happened and it seemed like everything just led me back to him and we, biiznillah made it that far - risik.

January 19 2014

Loved the chocolate cake!
Officially engaged, biiznillah :) 
Was supposed to be somewhere in Pahang pricking some people's finger to test blood glucose during this time. The date picked clashed with my baktisiswa Pahang and adjustments seemed highly unlikely to be possible. I guess I have to be where I can't be replaced. As for him, he was nun jauh di Bintulu sana.

March 2014

June - August 2014
Post-exam cum The Bachelorette day-out. Thanks to the owner of the hands holding the forks and knife.

The second time we went out together. Was for fitting session at the bridal boutique. That was with dear father.

Of applying to pejabat agama, husband was lucky enough tak kena interview. He was in a rush too masa tu. Can't cuti long enough to settle everything and it's costly to come back to semenanjung often. As for me, can't lari from interview. Study few minutes before pergi pejabat agama and end up dengan penuh confident (dalam nervous tak terkata) dan lancarnya jawab rukun nikah ada empat - pengantin lelaki, pengantin perempuan, wali, saksi. Alhamdulillah that pakcik didn't fail me :D

Of telling Ecah & Dali about the interview.

Around before Ramadhan, someone came back for a short break from NZ to be with her family sekaligus to spend some time together with me during my last single days. Dear you, that means a lot :)

Dua hari prior to nikah, went to lepak pekena teh madras with Cila. 

Of preparing for wedding, quoting dearest Cila - 
"dia la pengantin wannabe paling relaxxxxx relaxxxxx sngt. Aku hat kalot lebih."

Preparing wasn't easy. Wished late mother was around but she's definitely somewhere better insha-Allah. All praise be to Allah, I can't be more thankful to all those who have been a big help throughout the preparation. I dare not mention names and contributions. I know and Allah knows better and He's the best I could ask to repay each and everyone's kindness.

August 1 2014
Kakak's arrival from Florida. After weather and flight issues, though delayed, alhamdulillah, kakak safely arrived with Zach.

August 2 2014

Biiznillah, the solemnization.
This ought to be written about in a new entry :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mee Udang Yaakob Hashim

because I always felt sayur interferes with the core taste and because I don't usually eat sayur :D

Cerita lama. Kalau simpan mee udang tu dari tarikh makan sampai sekarang, pasti dah subur dengan mikroorganisma. But..never too late to write about, kot :) Jun lepas, alhamdulillah, dikurnia kelapangan masa, kenderaan dan kemampuan untuk menjemput pulang that special someone I'd call perempuan Scorpio, di lapangan terbang. Because her house tak jauh sangat (kot?) dari Pulau Sayak and because kitorang tak berapa ada selera tengahari tu and because I never tried mee udang Pulau Sayak yang kononnya femes, we opted to mengembara mencari mee udang. Our pick was Mee Udang Yaakob Hashim. Kenapa Yaakob Hashim punya? Sebab yang tu yang first aku nampak kat results Google bila aku cari Mee Udang Pulau Sayak. Since it's important in life to set a goal, thus I made that a goal :D

Tempat dia atas sikit dari Fish Research Institute (FRI). Banyak signboards seperti "Pulau Sayak 6 km" to guide ke sana. The mee udang was alhamdulillah good. Manis-manis pedas. Makan lama-lama rasa macam boleh tahan gak la pedas dia. I don't think I can ever be a good food critic but as a human who eats, it was basically okay la. Udang dia gedabak (yay!). Jangan ditanya nama udang because undefined in my system. Yang pasti, udang kering aku kenal. I'm not sure memang kedai dia work that way atau masa kitorang sampai je macam tu - they only have kuah mee udang tu je and boleh choose to eat dengan mee/koay teow/bihun...je. Takde nasi goreng, bihun goreng, ayam goreng kunyit, ikan bakar et cetera. 

And lastly that's the view from our table. Memang kedai dia betul-betul tepi pantai. Dari tempat duduk aku, jalan sepuluh langkah sederhana, boleh kot sampai hampir dengan laut. Masa kitorang pergi ni tengahari, panas lit-lit so it wasn't a good time nak stroll di tepi pantai catching up dan mengimbau kenangan manis. Boleh tengok aje la. But well, alhamdulillah for the sight! And hearing! Masih boleh see and also hear the waves crashing the shore :) Somewhat calming.

There were more to the day than what's written but some things are meant to just stay in memory and some things are hardly translated into words :) Can't thank Allah more for the chance to know perempuan Scorpio and  for all the time I get to spend with her.

Not sure if I'd go back to Yaakob Hashim for mee udang sebab bukan fan of mee udang (kalau laksa tu mungkin aaa) but I'd say it's worth the try! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ramadhan kareem!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Allah masih stretch usia untuk tiba di Ramadhan ini. 

Tentang usia
Subhanallah subhanallah, pada malam pertama Tuhan sudah seolah hadiahkan sebuah peringatan soal usia. In the middle of tarawih, dengan mata yang masih merah dan basah, cemas a sister cuba mendapatkan a makcik di saf hadapan untuk khabarkan perginya bondanya tersayang. They're not some stranger, both the kakak and her late mom which was affectionately called Mak Teh/Tok Teh are my jiran. Tok Teh was my late mom's friend jugak and masa kecik-kecik mama used to bring me to Tok Teh's house once in a while. And setiap tahun, she's one of those yang cukup istiqamah dalam tarawih attendance. Sampai when she dah so tak larat, she still datang and solat using chair. Subhanallah. May Allah bless her soul. The news wasn't very much shocking considering Tok Teh's age and her health condition. Cuma, diperingatkan soal kematian pada malam pertama Ramadhan itu bagai simbahan air ais ke tubuh pada pagi yang cukup dingin. Orang utara kata, ketaq baq hang. Sometimes, we get so busy with life's events and we have so much plans for the so many things we anticipate in life that sometimes we forgot hampirnya kematian and that  kita tak bisa jangka saat mana ruh akan dijemput. Allahurabbi. Moga Tuhan suluh cahaya saat samar ingatan kita pada 'saat itu' dan moga Dia juga kurnia taufiq agar kita bisa perbaik alignment jiwa agar tak tersasar langgar divider et cetera T_T.

8 atau 20?
Dari tazkirah in between tarawih, 2 ustaz dah mention perihal pertikaian soal bilangan rakaat tarawih. 8 ke? 20 ke? 36 ke? Sebenarnya, kata ustaz, semua ada dalil and basically, once ada dalil, semua boleh jalan. 8 boleh. 20 boleh. 36 pun boleh. And while in this topic, one of the ustaz shared a story of Hassan al-Banna. As a teacher, beliau pernah kena posting ke a place where beliau found out that very few orang datang tarawih at the local masjid. There were so many muslims' houses yet the number of people who turned up at the masjid langsung tak resemble jumlah rumah-rumah yang ada. Lepas tanya-tanya, Hassan al-Banna found out rupanya the local jemaah bertelagah soal berapa rakaat tarawih and finally most of them buat tarawih di rumah sendiri. Considering the situation, he decided to do something about it. He ajak the imam to go from house to house and ajak the people datang solat berjemaah di masjid. Perhaps sebab segan (malu) sebab some stranger yang bukan local ajak, many turned up malam tu. Prior to tarawih, Hassan al-Banna gave a speech. Dalam speech beliau, beliau ajukan dua soalan: 

Apa hukumya tarawih? Apa hukumnya bertengkar dalam masjid?

Tarawih itu sunat. Manakala bertengkar dalam masjid itu haram. Barangkali terkabur yang mana satu yang aula dalam gigih memperteguh pendapat masing-masing. Kemudian beliau ajukan pula soalan:

Berapa ramai rakyat Mesir yang terkorban dalam pembinaan Terusan Suez dan siapa yang kemudiannya mengaut keuntungan dari Terusan itu?

Ramai yang tak terjawab. Maka ternyata hal yang remeh telah dibiar memecahbelah ummah manakala permasalahan ummah yang jauh lebih besar tidak pula mendapat perhatian. Allahurabbi. And that was zaman Hassan al-Banna. But the core issue sounds very much familiar juga nowadays...no? :(

Dari satu sisi, Ramadhan is when reality hits. Takde dah the devils yang kita selalu blame. Kalau hari lain kita lambat-lambat solat mungkin kita kata - Ish, salah the devil ah ni. Tapi kalau Ramadhan, kita sama jugak, maka jelas terang lagi bersuluh berspotlight semua cukup, bahawasanya, it's not the devils, it's us. But well, salah the devils jugak, perhaps diorang dah customized/modified nafsu kita cukup untuk 'play their role' while diorang not available. But well, 'immune system' kita or 'firewall' kita tak cukup kuat jugak la maknanya T_T. Perhaps hikmahnya Ramadhan, we get to know who we really have become. Under no influence of the devils, Ramadhan seolah beri peluang untuk kita really look into ourselves seterusnya perbaik dan menambahbaik diri. 

Kelmarin, ustaz tazkirah tarawih tu kasi satu analogi. Katakan, kita sedang pandu kereta. Pastu kita nampak ada orang tolak motosikal dia. Kita nampak dia lalu kedai repair motor tapi tak berhenti. Kita pun pergi approach tanya minyak habis ke? motor rosak ke? takleyh start ke? Tapi dia jawab semuanya okay. Kita yang baik hairan pun tanya lah - Dah semua okay, awat (kenapa) tak naik? Sekali dia jawab kat kita - Saja~ And thus brader yang ada motosikal yang sihat walafiat tapi tak naik itu seolah mereka yang diberi Ramadhan tapi langsung tak mengambil manfaatnya dan cuma penat berpuasa. Nauzubillah min zalik.

I do feel that my Ramadhan differs from year to year. Perhaps tanggungjawab berubah, tuntutan dunia berubah, aktiviti berubah which then sum up to a sort of different Ramadhan on different year. Tidak dapat tidak, khuatirnya, does it get better or does it get worst? Allahurabbi. Walau bagaimana kita menyelusuri Ramadhan, berlari, merangkak, berguling atau bahkan mengesot sekalipun, moga kita pada 1 Syawal nanti, andai Tuhan izin kita sampai, lebih baik dari kita pada 30 Syaaban. May Allah guide us all.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Kerana tiada yang lebih indah dari gigihnya ombak yang tak pernah mahu berhenti mengucup pantai meski tiap kali ditarik pergi.


Someone shared a video of Sarah Kay reciting this beautiful poem of hers on Facebook
and I just fell in love at first heard.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sang Kiai


Kamu Muslim?

Ya, kyai.

Bagaimana bisa kamu mengaku Muslim
kalau panggilan itu sama sekali tidak mengetuk-ngetuk kalbu?
Panggilan itu seharusnya menggugurkan segala kegiatan yang sedang kamu lakukan.

Perempuan itu ibarat pakaian buat laki-laki -
menghangatkan ketika hujan, meneduhkan saat kemarau.


Prasangka buruk itu tidak selalunya datang dari ingatan yang buruk
bisa jadi cuma kerana ketidaktahuan.


Pesantren tidak boleh membebani biaya pada para santri. 

Sekarang *nama* baru faham kiai, mengapa kyai bertani dan berdagang.
Tapi kenapa kyai turun tangan sendiri menanam sawah kyai.
Kyai bisa saja menyuruh *nama* atau para santri yang lain untuk membantu di sawah.

Dengan membantu para petani kita bisa merasakan jerih payah mereka.
Dengan begitu kita bisa menghargai nasi yang kita makan.


Dari tahun lepas tunggu 
tunggu filem Sang Kiai dimuatnaik ke Youtube
dan akhirnya :)

Monday, March 3, 2014


Put yourself in one's shoes.
Bet that's one good idiom.

Aku kira kasut tu perlambangan untuk 'hidup' yang boleh tahan sesuai. Lebih biasa dari tidak, kita selalu nampak orang pakai kasut begini begitu macam best je dan rasa apasal kasut kita macam tak best, macam susah nak jalan, macam tak selesa, macam-macam. Bet that's all about sensation and perception. Cewah, mentang-mentang ambil subjek Central Nervous System semester ni. 

Barangkali perception kita tak selari dengan sensation yang si owner kasut rasa. Sensation yang dia rasa, yang jarang sekali zahir pada mata kita.

Nampak macam lawa je kasut dia, lawa je bila dia jalan, kita tak tahu kalau-kalau ada blister kat kaki kanan dia. Nampak macam cun je kasut, kita tak tahu kalau-kalau tapak dia haus dan sebab tu dia pernah tergelincir jatuh. Nampak macam steady je kasut, kita tak tahu kalau-kalau tapak dia ada lubang dan tiap kali hujan, stokin dia basah. Nampak macam curvy elok je kasut dia, kita tak tahu kalau-kalau kaki dia sakit. Nampak macam selesa je kasut dia, kita tak tahu berapa dia spent untuk dapat kasut tu. 

Because everything has a price to pay. 
Just because we don't see the 'paying' process, doesn't mean it's FOC.

Tuhan tak pernah tak adil. 
Cuma saksamanya Dia ada masanya tak tercapai akal kita :)

Pergi usha tudung kat bilik member, sekali macam-macam ibrah pulak dapat.
Indeed, tarbiyyah dari Tuhan tu macam-macam format ada.
May us be hamba yang bersyukur dan hamba yang belajar from whatever tarbiyyah Allah hadirkan :)

Friday, February 21, 2014



Berat mata memandang.

Berat lagi bahu memikul.

Masih berat tangan menghenti.





Saturday, February 8, 2014

25 Dec

Old story.
Maybe I'm just finding a reason to write.
Or maybe the will to write just arrived after a long while :)

It was 25 Dec.
It was in the middle of my study week. Time famous untuk dapat jemputan walimah sebab tengah cuti sekolah. Kata perempuan scorpio - asal kenduri je, hang ada exam, asal kenduri je, hang ada quiz/test. But anyhow, since the invitation came early and I have a strong reason to attend (boleh attend dengan perempuan scorpio yang cuma pulang Malaysia setahun sekali sejak melanjutkan pelajaran di negara di mana pasukan ragbinya terkenal sebagai All Blacks), so dah save the date awal-awal and sort of planned kerja-kerja (cewahh) so that ada kapasiti masa yang cukup untuk escape dari study week kejap, for that. And I guess it's just me, memang perlu little escapes during study weeks as always.

The initial plan was nothing much, pick up perempuan scorpio, attend walimah then perhaps lepak kejap before going back but it all changes when we stumbled upon 4 other coursemates back then in INTEC aside from the one whose walimah we were attending. It felt somewhat good to see those familiar faces yang tak jumpa sekian lama. One came with her mom, the others datang sendiri so after done with makan-makan and take photos one of them ajak makan cendol if and only if the gerai opens so yeah, makan stuffs kan - hard to resist :D Oh ye, one of us actually took train datang Penang lepas balik kerja the day before and arrived kat Bukit Mertajam railway station pagi Dec 25 tu.

So off 5 of us to the gerai cendol tak ingat nama apa in Kepala Batas (femes katanya) and alhamdulillah it was open. Sat in circle. No tables. Plastic stools saja. Pegang mangkuk cendol. Bawah big tree. No payung. No bumbung. With the risk of bird poop falling into the bowl (which actually happened to one of us once upon a time. hihi. mujur tak cedok makan.). It felt like no biggie. Topics were very much different compared to zaman buat Ausmat dulu. Yang pasti takde topik research project untuk ESL. More of upcoming friends' weddings, who's next, internship, salary, jobs.

Soal intern, gaji...well I guess I'm a bit terkebelakang sikit when it comes to that sebab belum ada experience bab tu. Oh ye, dalam 5 of us tu, I'm the only in health science field, yang lain semua geng engineering. Perempuan scorpio is software engineer to be, insha-Allah. Was intending to do attachment kat retail pharmacy tapi asyik tinggal intention saja. The attachment is still optional. Always have the feeling - I'm gonna have to do that job soon after grad so why not spend the free time now doing something else. But experience itu emas. But but but. Macam tu lah. Hopefully the rajin-ness to do attachment arrives sooner or later while there's chance.

Masa sembang-sembang while having cendol,
one of us said - Rasa macam dewasa.
Guess so :)

May our ages bertambah with barakah!
For those yang dah ada candidate, may Allah ease untuk gerak ke next step :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's been a while

Jan 25,
"Boleh gak ah try laksa tu..."
"Boleh lah hang update review laksa macam selalu.."

It's been a while. It's been a while.
Masih main kejar-kejar dengan the writer in me. Kadang dapat, kemudian terlepas. 

Anyhow, alhamdulillah dapat langkah kaki ke year 2014 dengan tubuh yang masih cukup sifat, deria yang masih baik dalam berfungsi, jiwa yang harapnya tak rapuh. New year started with final exams which ended on Jan 11. Asal nak exam mesti cuak. Bila cakap dengan dear father, he'd say tiap-tiap sem kan duk amik exam. Well, kali ke berapa pun, setiap kali, terasa seperti kali pertama :D Provisional results coming out real soon, Feb 7 and full results will be out by Feb 14. 

Jan 25 was actually the walimah day of a friend. Picked up perempuan scorpio di Penaga then went all the way to Kuala Muda, Kedah. Good thing dah mahir sikit using Waze. Thanks to Abang Ridzwan, kakak's hubby. 

Put that photo up on Insta and some actually thought the lady with handbouquet was me termasuklah second cousin sendiri. Almaklumlah size lebih kurang sama kecuali tinggi. Hakikatnya I'm the lady by the side of the bride in plain purple kurung pahang and my favourite black shawl bought in Mekah wayyyy back when I was 9 :D

On the way nak ke walimah tu lah terperasan signboard 'Laksa' kat one gerai tepi jalan so like yeah was intending to singgah later. It was laksa Permatang Bendahari. 

The laksa was quite good. A bit pedas kot for kids, mungkin. The owner is very friendly and nice. And they all ambil tempahan jugak and perhaps boleh deliver sekali. Boleh tempah laksa, cucur udang, goreng-goreng stuffs and nasi lemak.Their gerai is just in front of their house kat tepi jalan.
Aside from laksa, ada satu lagi yang interesting there -

The owner's cat. Katanya ada orang bagi. And the cat, it is well trained to go restroom by itself. Very fluffy long-haired cat. Supposedly the pakcik mention about the cat sebab nak entertain Adam, adik perempuan scorpio tapi teehee~ ahkak ini pulak lah yang interested lebih.

Her eyes are orange! 

Apart from all that, I miss travelling. 
This time tak ada rezeki nak travel jauh-jauh or to many interesting places but alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. 

Below is what I saw on my way to Penaga.

At first sight mungkin la rasa kelakar for us yang belum pernah perlu resort to that sort of option. Tapi barangkali itu cara Tuhan mahu trigger ucap syukur.

Anyway it feels so good being on holiday that it feels terkejut kejap bila check check balik rupanya next week dah nak kena balik kepada life of a third year pharmacy student. May Allah ease everything. For me, for you and for everyone :)