Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cinta sebelum & selepas kahwin

As a result of not copying slides islamic studies...end up laa googling topic yang masuk test =P
And I found this... Quite funny! ^^

(sebelum kahwin)
C = cubit kiri, kanan rasa.
I = impian indah ibarat syurga.
N = nikah impian utama.
T = taat setia membawa bahagia.
A = awal dan akhir bersama-sama

(selepas kahwin)
C = cuka yang dituang pada luka.
I = iblis yang merosak minda.
N = nafsu semata-mata.
T = tuba yang dibalas semula.
A = api dalam neraka.

(sebelum kahwin)
K = kongsi semua suka duka.
A = abang adik, ayang anja.
S = sumpah janji di bibir sentiasa.
I = istana bahagia dah dicipta.
H = hatiku hatimu jua.

(selepas kahwin)
K = kaki tangan naik kat kepala.
A = abuk pun tara, nak makan apa??
S = simpati langsung tak ada.
I = ironi membakar jiwa.
H = hidup mati sama je.

(sebelum kahwin)
S = sikit-sikit SORRY, sikit-sikit SORRY, mengada!
A = asal free mesti nak jumpa.
Y = you lap me, I lap you!
A = apa saja sanggup diduga.
N = nak itu, nak ini... mesti dapat.
G = gula-gula, coklat, teddy bear hadiah utama.

(selepas kahwin)
S = salah sikit kiamat dunia.
A = air tak sedap, basahlah mata.
Y = yang betul dia je.
A = ada takde, bagi anak reti la.
N = nak dilawan, digelar derhaka.
G = gaduh sampai lebam.


(sebelum kahwin)
H = hanya dikau yang daku cinta.
A = air paip pun manis macam gula.
T = tak jumpa sehari boleh jadi gila.
I = igauan indah tak terkira.

(selepas kahwin)
H = hantu jembalang lagi sempurna.
A = air mata jadi teman setia.
T = tempat mengadu dah tak ada.
I = ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa... nak buat macam mana?

tetapi yg seharusnya ialah...

C-Cinta sebelum berkahwin, biar sederhana, tak melanggar batas agama
I-Impian rumahtangga dirancangkan bersama (bkn praktikal seblm nikah)
N-Nikah didahulukan pembuka gerbang kebahagiaan
T-Timang cahaya mata sbg pengikat kasih sayang
A-Amalkan perintah Tuhan, Insyaallah bahagia membawa ke syurga.

K-Kasih berputik dikala pertunangan diikat
A-Akad dilafaz cinta berbunga
S-Suami disanjung-tinggi
I-Isteri disayangi
H-Harumlah kasih sepanjang zaman

S-Sayangkan Isteri kasihkan suami
A-Ada masalah, dibincangkan bersama
Y-Yang ringan sama dijinjing, berat sama dipikul
A-Amalkan hidup bertoleransi
N-Nak kekalkan bahagia, itu usaha bersama
G-Gaduh sesekali tu perkara biasa

H-Hati suami mesti dijaga
A-Apatah lagi hati isteri yang mudah tersentuh
T-Tanggung-jawab dipikul bersama
I-Isteri tak makan hati, suamipun tak cari ganti


Friday, August 20, 2010

My Nature Selects You

Dear Sir,

It's like natural selection acted on me.
You're the natural selective factor.
I have enough emotional variation to survive.
And to adapt with your presence, I evolved.
To be Mrs. Perfect for you.
And I guess speciation occurred to me too
I tend to be flirtatious around only you.
I hope you wouldn't be like the environment
constantly changing...
The drawback is that my heart would lose a shelter
and source of love to retain its warmth.
Besides that, kindly avoid human activities such as
random flirtation, infidelity and etc.
These activities might result in destruction of my heart.
Last but not least, my nature selected you to be my Mr. Right.
Are you willing to co-evolve with me?

At the moment, I have my heart in my hands, waiting for you to take it.
It's fragile and this unfavourable environment might result in some changes if left for a long period of time. Therefore, I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Your Faithful Lover Wannabe

Monday, August 16, 2010

there's always OR

Life is full of choices

We always have choices (well, except when we have to face death)

Maybe at one point in our life, we're fated to lose everything in a glimpse, but we always can choose either to stand up and walk OR whine and go crazy and end up in the mental hospital or begging by the road side.

We often encounter this in our lives - we're told that it's compulsory for us to do blablabla, we must do it like blablabla, submit this paper on blablabla. Compulsory? Must? Need? We still have a choice. Breaking the rule is a choice. We can either just follow OR rebel and do it our way. Wise men always consider the consequences of their action.

Sometimes we get criticized/ humiliated/ scolded in front of a bunch of human beings and end up feeling useless, worthless, discouraged, stupid. We could let ourselves drown in misery and turn from bad to worst etc OR just continue doing whatever we're doing if it's right/ fix what we can to make things right. Mahatma Gandhi once said "Whatever you do will be insignificant but it is important that you do it."

There will be times in our lives when we'll have to bear losing someone so significant, someone we truly love that it'd feel like half of our soul is taken away. Lifeless. We could have just jump off some skyscraper and die OR learn to cope with things that happened, get over the grieving phase.

Most of the time, I have a bunch of things to do - exercises to complete, subjects to study for coming tests, assignments to be reviewed and those things are like a huge backpack full of stones being put on my back. I can just force my soul to sit and study like there's no tomorrow OR chill out, hang out and last but not least deal with some drawbacks of my action. Everything has a price to pay. I learnt to pay for things I think worth paying for, things that would make me smile i guess. I realised that it hurts, it really hurts even if you get everything but at the end of the day, you feel like sitting down somewhere isolated and cry. Sometimes I do make stupid decisions, I choose worthless things, I do useless activities, I talk nonsense...well it's the imperfection that makes everyone perfect right ^_^

There's always OR.
Our willpower will determine the answer.

I talk to someone about my blog and she said "You got time for that?".
Well I'm not really that free la =P

This is something I saw somewhere, it sounds something like this - We never have time for anything. If we want to do something, we gotta make time for it.