Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dari Asar ke Asar

June 21 marks the end of final exam as well as the end of my second year as a student. Alhamdulillah. Planned earlier on with a sister that I'd come over to her place on June 21 and so I came. For the first time I went back home very early after the last paper. Habis-habis paper, balik bilik, kemas-kemas dan terus gerak. Balik rumah, lunch, solat zuhur, get ready then terus keluar.

Where did I go?
It's IPSAH, once again :)
Kali ni bawa keperluan siap-siap, bukan unintended sleepover lagi macam haritu.


#1 Dinner-date at Tanjung Dawai

It was great to have that loooooong chat with her. So much to catch up about each other. Indeed life kita semua tak sama. Jalan cerita tiap-tiap kita berbeza. Kadang-kadang tu hampir serupa dengan seseorang to the extent that we thought if we made the same choice as that person we might end up as happy as how we perceive the person now. Tak mustahil tapi lebih biasa dari tidak, kita semua istimewa dengan cara sendiri dan perhaps jalan menuju bahagia kita tu tak sama route. We can predict a lot based on experience tapi soal ketentuan ni Tuhan yang rencanakan, manakan tercapai akal.

While having dinner, dapat satu entertainment free. We sat at the outermost table which is outside kedai. Ada two kids naik basikal passed by us. Satu bawak, satu bonceng. Sambil kayuh, they happily sang - Pok pok bujang lapok....pastu tak ingat :D I can't help but ketawa tengok telatah the two. Noticing me ketawa, tersipu-sipu dua-dua tu sambil kayuh laju-laju.

#2 'Jog' + Breakfast

Jog, kononnya. Konon sahaja. Berjalan cuma. Naik turun bukit kecil dalam IPSAH sambil menghirup segar udara pagi. Lepas tu, pekena teh tarik, nasi lemak, roti telur. It was marvellous, marvellous *gaya Jagjeet dalam Upin Ipin* :D

#3 Contemplating where to go next

and while thinking....


So perempuan.

#4 Cendol & Laksa Jo

#5 Jeti Semeling

#6 PZ cafe aka Kedai Comel

It's just some kedai makan with victorian style deco je sebenarnya. Had some mushroom soup with bread and cake before heading back to IPSAH.

Of travelling - you'll never come back the same. That's what I love most about traveling. It was insightful, the conversations we had, stories she tell. One is about a sister from her happy circle who once lost her husband after few hours of akad nikah to a car accident. By Allah's will, the sister met someone who had been through almost the same situation - her current husband who lost his pregnant late wife in a car accident. And they were tested again with the loss of their first baby during the eighth month of her pregnancy. And now, by Allah's will, they get to be mom and dad to okayy I don't remember how many children they have now :D What crossed my mind was subhanallah, they must be very strong people.

Basically, it was indeed worthwhile driving more or less 50 km to get to her. Syukr lillah for bringing her into my life. Dari Asar ke Asar is because I arrived around Asar which made my first activity - pray Asar and started my journey home right after performing Asar prayer.

To IPSAH and back home safely.
Alhamdulillah. Thumma Alhamdulillah :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Kita selalu boleh cuba predict something tapi we can never be able to make sure things happen as predicted. And when things went wayyyyy jauh dari apa yang kita expect, itulah dia kejutan. Nak pula kalau kita very sure that it would not turn out that way. Conjectured tanpa sedar ianya sebuah conjecture dan amat yakin it is not a conjecture. Dan kejutan tu efeknya jadi berlipat ganda when the case is something just within ourselves. Sebab kita antara manusia yang paling kenal kita despite the many things about ourselves we a lot of times overlooked.

Things happened.

And I...

Surprised myself.

And the lady who writes here
freaked out, mungkin, atau...entahlah.

And I do not know where she is.

Dalam usaha mencari. Masih.
Because she still wants to write like before.