Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sorry Alifs, when I put you in a row, you look like zebra stripes.
Sorry Sin, for your crooked teeth.
Sorry Ya, I always fail to give you the best curve.

Sorry Arabic Letters!
I've tried my best to preserve your beauty :)

Khat class for ko-k this sem dah habis.

Insha-Allah will never forget Khat sifu's words -
Bila kita belajar sesuatu yang baru, kita sedar macam banyak yang kita tak tahu.
Kalau kita tak belajar, kita rasa semuanya kita tahu.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pharmers in Farm

"And there is no creature on [or within] the earth or bird that flies with its wings
except [that they are] communities like you. We have not neglected in the Register a thing.
Then unto their Lord they will be gathered."
Al-An'am 6:38

Alhamdulillah the farm visit today went well.
Wasn't given much details about which farm we're going and how the place would be like. So, berbekalkan the seniors' not-so-good experience during their farm visit, I was one of those who prepared for the worst. =.=""""

Expecting the place would be muddy and dirty, I got myself a pair of a no-so-pretty rubber shoes for RM6.90 whichhhh me roommate salah dengar RM69 and was supershocked at the appearance. That's one. Secondly, expecting pants going to be dirty, I brought an extra. Thirdly, expecting it'd be long (well, we weren't told about when-to-when), I brought an extra t-shirt - in case we're gonna pray and I'd need a clean outfit. Fourthly, expecting the shoes going to be superdirty, I brought along my  Chuck Taylor in case the rubber shoes would end up in a condition too horrible to be worn back to uni on the bus. Then, as usual - 1000mL water. Then alhamdulillah, pergi sana dapat pula another bottle of 600mL water, air kotak and some bread. At the end, my bag was sooooo full and heavy!

Suprisingly alhamdulillah. Unlike our seniors, we only have to go to one farm. And this Ladang Cegar Jaya owned by Encik Hakim Yusuf is a very nice ladang. Clean and teratur. Alhamdulillah. Ada kerbau, rusa, kambing, arnab, kuda padi, lembu, kibas, ostrich :D Finally dapat pegang kambing! Walaupun sekejap. Have always teringin nak tangkap seekor dekat area rumah a friend everytime pergi visit dia tapi the kambings run very fast and kalau nak kejar sampai dapat jugak kang ada yang tersungkur masuk lumpur. Anyways.....

Kerbau in sistem penternakan intensif. They eat rumput gajah.

Ready to get out. They are being ternak-ed using sistem integrasi bersama tanaman kelapa sawit.

Mr. Kibas from middle east.



A coursemate cuba ride the pony :)

Almaklum pharmers in farm, harus juga lah see all the pharm preparations. The visit is for vet pharm subject after all :)

So yeah, in a way, I had much fears at first and therefore prepared for the worst and end up carrying a heavy bag. I guess that applies much in many things in life. Sometimes we fear so much that we end up carrying a heavy emotional luggage. On the bright side, when you prepared for the worst and suddenly by the hands of God, things turn out wayyyy better than you think, you get to feel the nikmat of sense of relief :) 

Guess it's best to always bersederhana, even in worrying.
Kadang-kadang tu terlebih terlajak, biasalah.
Kalau tak, bukan manusia namanya.

May Allah guide us all :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

accidental deviation

apa mungkin aku sudah pergi ketuk salah pintu?
Georgetown Heritage Trail, November 2012

...going through those days when life brings up the unusual part of you.

doing things you never thought you would.
feeling feelings you never thought you could.

in all that happened...there's a reason somewhere
there's a blessing somewhere
yet to be discovered.

so many life events.
so un-write-able.

hasbiyallah wa ni'mal wakeel.

beautiful little reminder from a dear sister -
Babe, if you add a little to a little,
and then do it again, it shall be much. 
Sabar + kuat.
Jazakillah khayr babe.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


from a book bought at BBW sale, March 22

"Sometimes you thought you want something so much and you worked for it only to realize you don't really want it while you're halfway there. That feeling =.=" "

"Maybe that feeling can be cured with a little bit of doing things slower rather than to be excited too much to achieve it. Bersederhana in working things I mean :) Well at least it's halfway. We can always go all the way or turn back."

Never knew a perfect piece of advice could lead to some fluid welling up in my eyes.
Hasbiyallah wa ni'mal wakeel.