Monday, January 31, 2011

put down the pocket knife

Listen to the birds chirping. Listen to the rustle of leaves. Listen to the beautiful melody of nature welcoming the new day. The sun is still rising from the east. Put down the pocket knife. Never let it go near your wrist...for you can never tell what's waiting for you after this rocky path. You don't wanna miss the beautiful surprise...

"Allah will grant, after hardship, ease" (65:7)
and He'll never test us with burdens more than what we can bear.


She who cries when hungry
..cries to call Mommy
knows not of sin
knows not of hatred
knows not of indecision
knows not of....darkness.

No tears of regret.

So innocent.
So pure.


Hushed Soliloquy

Groups of alphabets stuck in my head
...stuck in my heart.